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PCBM T-12 with Gator Jaws

Item #: PCBM T-12 (See Chart/Photos for Corresponding Model #'s)

Price: Call For Pricing

Product Description



  • High Impact Barrier Mount Delineators
  • Reflective high impact barrier mount delineator markers, creating safer roads and safer driving conditions.
  • This marker will continue to rebound time after time, providing reliable delineation and reducing the need for maintenance.
  • PCBMs are virtually shatter proof and simply outshine the competition.
  • They are made of high impact engineering grade thermoplastics allowing our PCBMs to bend upon impact and rebound to their original shape.
  • PCBMs resist both direct and indirect vehicle impacts, even in the coldest weather.
  • Once installed, PCBMs keep working day after day and year after year
  • Pexco’s “Gator Jaws” Hinge!
    • Traditional markers take a real beating in winter causing breakage, cold-shock and loss of reflectivity.  Pexco’s unique “Gator Jaws” polyurethane hinge offers a chemical as well as a mechanical bond for greater strength and high durability!
  • Colors
    • WHITE (1-way)
    • YELLOW (1-way)
    • WHITE (2-way)
    • YELLOW (2-way)
    • Blank (No reflectivity)

Typical Applications of PCBM Barrier Reflector

  • Delineation of temporary concrete barrier walls
  • Delineation of permanent concrete barrier walls
  • Delineation of concrete bridge parapets
  • Delineation on top of wooden guardrail posts

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