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Wheel Stops, Car Stops, etc.

It would be hard to call ourselves a traffic supplier without having the products in this category! Concrete wheel stops of different sizes, rubber car stops that are reflective, rubber speed bumps that are also reflective, and 438lb pyramid sign blocks to name a few. We carry a variety of these products which are absolutely necessary to have in order to keep the puzzle of being a One Stop Traffic Shop complete. With no missing pieces!

Puget Sound Precast

In 1905, Dan Trippear started a business called Automatic Wilbert Vault Company Inc. in Tacoma, Wa. They sold concrete vaults, marker bases and other related products. It wasn't until 1980, when 3rd generation owner Glenn Colbert started a precast division. Now, under 5th generation ownership, Puget Sound Precast specializes in architectural and custom precast concrete products. From stairs, manholes, and catch basins to retaining walls, trash receptacles and picnic tables & benches, they are a go-to for many business like ourselves. And because we specialize in the traffic industry, Puget Sound Precast is our trusted supplier of concrete products such as wheel stops, curbs, and pyramid sign blocks to name a few.


1954 marks the beginning of American Louver Company, PlasticadeĀ®. Today, they are the leading manufacturer and marketer of plastic and recycled rubber products. PlasticadeĀ® specializes in the safety of construction areas for the public and the workers with visibility products for increased safety. These products often include roadway work zone items which are MASH-approved, general safety products and recycled rubber products for traffic and safety. Some of these also include signage such as a-boards that are used for promotional and directional use. Here at Alpine Products, we stand by many of Plasticade'sĀ® products, such as their recycled rubber wheel stops and numerous signage options.

Lewis Bolt & Nut Company

Formally "Indian Bolt & Nut", Lewis Bolt & Nut Company was started in 1921 by the Northern Pacific Railroad to make bolts for the repair of railroad cars. Now, they have a variety of products. They have numerous kinds of bolts, nuts, washers and screws. Their products are extremely high quality and seem to exceed all of their customers expectations. This is why we choose to get their Steel Wheel Stop Spikes. We needed a big amount of 12" pins at high quality and Lewis Bolt & Nut easily takes care of that for us.