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Pavement Markers

Pavement Markers or Raised Pavement Markers are essential to roadway safety. They play an important role as a safety function on the roads while at the same time, communicating travel paths for short- and long-range vehicle operation.  And although anyone can buy a type of marker for various reasons, they actually have specific purposes when used in traffic. White is used on the center and sides of a road when the striped lines are white.  Yellow is used in the same way when the lines are yellow.  Green designates an area where vehicles are allowed, much like a green light.  Red designates a restricted area.  Blue shows that a fire hydrant is nearby, normally directly in line with the marker. Yellow/Red is for yellow striped roads that are one-way streets so the red would show that a car is going the wrong way. Overall, Raised Pavement Markers improve delineation and increase preview time particularly under wet conditions. They statistically have been shown to decrease crash rates on highways that have Raised Pavement Marker center lines by approximately 0.5 crashes per million vehicle miles. With that being said, Raised Pavement Markers of all kinds are necessary on all roadways.

Alpine Products knows how essential Raised Pavement Markers are to the traffic industry. We carry various types with numerous colors for all necessary purposes on our roadways. At a great price too! Check them out!


When it comes to manufacturing traffic products, Ennis-Flint is experienced and operating at a high level, resulting in a recognizable name worldwide.  They also made another name brand in the traffic world, specifically for Raised Pavement Markers of all types. And so, Stimsonite was born! Since creating the first pavement marker around 1964, Stimsonite markers have led the industry in product innovation, quality, value and service.

Alpine Products, Inc.

Since 1978, Alpine Products has been in the traffic business for almost half a century! One of our many products that we manufacture ourselves is Raised Pavement Markers. Now, considering the various types, shapes and colors of RPM's that we sell, we only manufacture one specific type. It isn't a square 4"x4" or a rectangle 4"x3". Matter of fact, it's not one of those "1-way" or "2-way" kinds either. Alpine Product's manufactures Circle shaped RPMs! They come in two colors, White and Yellow, but our "yellow" is unique to the standard. And because we have made and sold our "yellow" markers before anyone else, they are still on our roads today! Check them out!


Sometime in the late 1960's, Rayolite (then "I.T.L.") was given the task by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to improve highway visibility during foggy, dark and rainy conditions. Their solution at the time was a cubed corner reflective lens that could be installed on highway lines for delineation during night-time. This lead to the creation of Raised Pavement Markers. Now, with the technology and innovation Rayolite is capable of along with the goal of safer highways, they manufacture and sell high quality RPM's throughout the U.S. & 20 more countries worldwide.


It's no surprise that Pexco manufactures Raised Pavement Markers. It's the variety of RPM's and reflectors that makes their products unique. Aside from all the other RPM's that Alpine carries, Pexco manufactures different types of Highway Reflectors which have different benefits and purposes. From TRPM's & PCBM's to Rumble Strips and Rumble Bars, Pexco fills in all the areas where there should be reflective markers, even if it's temporary. Jersey barriers or freshly sealed roads did not stop Pexco from innovation!