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Striping Paint

According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), “the application of markings is more than a matter of placing lines on the roadway. It is, in effect, the installation of a traffic regulating system on a highway.” There are many types of traffic markings that help ensure the safety of our roads and parking lots, but there wouldn’t be any sort of traffic regulating system anywhere without striping paint. Our roads would be like a Nascar Raceway! And although many of you would enjoy that, it would be extremely dangerous to navigate anywhere whether you’re walking, biking, driving, etc.There are many different types of paints that exist today. Whether it’s for the interior/exterior of a home, canvas for an artist or for roads and parking lots, it’s important to know the type or base of your paint. The two main types of traffic striping paints are either solvent based or water based. These are designed to adhere to concrete or asphalt surfaces, where other paints won’t adhere or will peel off in a very short period of time. Our traffic striping paints are formulated with a good balance of drying characteristics, abrasion resistance and resin quality, in which are perfect for roads and parking lots. Designed for no heat application, they can be applied by air or airless equipment. These are extremely fast drying paints, less than 60 seconds dry to no-pick up. This makes it so the area isn’t closed to traffic for long periods of time.

Here at Alpine Products, we carry a variety of types and colors of traffic striping paints. Afterall, there is a reason why we’re commonly referred to as “The Paint Shop!”

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Solvent Based Traffic Paints – WHITE & YELLOW (Hi-VOC)

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