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HE093-Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant

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Application Temperature 
350 degrees F
Brookfield Viscosity @ 375 degrees F. 
2800 cPs
Ductility @ 77 degrees F, 5cm/min 
45 cm
Flash Point 
550 degrees F
Flow @ 140 degrees F 
0 mm
Maximum Heating Temperature 
400 degrees F
Penetration @ 77 degrees F. (150g 5 sec) 
Resiliency @ 77 degrees F 
Softening Point 
220 degrees F
Weight Per Gallon 
9.3 lbs.


HE093-Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant is a polymer modified hot asphalt crack and joint sealant designed to resist the occurence of “bumps” that often appear in freshly placed hot asphalt concrete pavements. When applied to properly prepared surfaces and installed per manufacturer’s recommendations, HE093 – Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant will resist the occurence of asphalt pavement “bumps” in new pavement surfaces. HE093 – Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant is a hot asphalt crack sealant which is polymer modified and contains no reclaimed rubber. HE-093 – Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant is approved for both asphalt and concrete pavements and is uniquely quick setting to a firm yet flexible crack and joint sealant.


For sealing cracks and joints in asphaltic and concrete highways, city streets and rural roadways.


Coverage is dependent upon the depth and width of crack.


Surface must be dry and free from all loose material, dirt and dust. Any weeds or plant matter should be removed and the area sprayed with herbicide. Routing is optional. Routing is recommended for reducing the occurrence of “bumps” and is optional otherwise. Please refer to HE093- Duroflex Crack and Joint Sealant application instructions.


He093- Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant can be melted and applied to cracks and joints at temperatures below 400 degrees F. When heated, He093 – Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant will readily penetrate cracks 1/4″ wide or larger. Cracks can be filled flush or may be over filled and squeegeed. He093 – Duroflex Asphalt Crack and Joint Sealant can be applied using a pressure feed wand system or with a pour pot.


Do not allow material to exceed 400 degrees F.


Tools can be cleaned with petroleum distillate.


Keep boxes out of direct sunlight and rain. (If covered area is not accessible, Cover with tarp). CAUTION!Close container after each use. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY! Use protective measures to avoid contact with eyes and skin. If swallowed, CALL PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY! In case of eye contact, open eylids wide and flush immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. In case of accidental injection by power spray equipment, GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY! Dispose of container and unused contents in accordance with Local, State, and Federal regulations. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. KEEP FROM FREEZING.
WARNING: This product contains detectable amounts of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birtth defects or other reproductive harm.
EMPLOYERS: Should obtain a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the supplier or directly from Henry at the toll free number or website.


35 lbs.


We, the manufacturer, warrant only that this product is free of defects, since many factors which affect the results obtained from this product-such as weather, workmanship, equipment utilized, and prior condition of the substrate- are beyond our control. We will replace at no charge any product proved to be defective within 12 months of purchase, provided it has been applied in accordance with out written directions for uses we recommend as suitable for this product. Proof of purchase must be provided. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: The Limited Warranty is IN LIEU OF any other warranties express or implied including but not limited to any implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or fitness for a indiental damages resulting from any defects or any delays caused by replacement or otherwise.

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