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Bituminous Machine

Item #: 1001D

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Product Description

1.0 The following are standard specifications for a buggy type bitumen-type marker adhesive applicator capable of heating and dispensing thermal adhesive bitumen-type material at approximately 425 degrees on roadways.

2.0 The frame is constructed of 1″ x 2″ x 14 gauge structural tubing with miter joints and full electric weld. The dimensions of frame are width 34″, length 6′ and height 38″. Frame is equipped with L.P. bottle support bracket on front of machine. Total weight of frame is 220 pounds without material and LP bottle.

2.1 The buggy consists of two 16″, 4 PLY full pneumatic front wheels and a 10″ swivel pneumatic back wheel. All wheels have grease zerts.

2.2 The buggy has a dead man positive action, spring loaded finger tip brake which is controlled from push bar.

2.3 The basket is constructed from 1/16″ expanded metal and is 18″ x 24″ x 10″ in size with protective edge guard.

3.0 The 24 gallon vat, constructed of 3/16″ 3003-H14 aluminum, has three ridged supports welded to vat and bolted to buggy frame. The size of the vat is 20″ in diameter, 18″ high with 7-1/2″ lid opening to easily load bituminous. Latch on lid is provided to prevent accidental opening.

3.1 The jacket is constructed of 22 gauge galvanized steel with one inner and one outer jacket supporting 1″ thick fiberglass Durablanket S86-1 insulating material. Outside dimensions of jacket is approximately 24″ in diameter and 22″ in height with a 1″ captive heat chamber on all sides of vat. The heating chamber is enclosed and insulated on sides and bottom. Heating chamber is vented by holes in top of the insulation jacket allowing heat on bottom and all sides of vat. A 4″ x 4″ sliding door is provided in jacket for lighting pilot.

3.2 Heating system uses a ten inch, 60,000 BTU burner to melt the bituminous material. A 1/4″ thick by 14″ diameter flame guard is used to protect bottom of vat.

3.3 Burner is thermostatically controlled with an adjustable temperature range of 175 degrees to 550 degrees. The vat is equipped with a 0 to 650 degree thermometer with an 18″ stem. Thermostat sensing bulb and thermometer are located together in vat for an accurate temperature control.

3.4 Gas valve used with system is a millivolt powered, 100% safety shut-off valve with block out installed for L.P. gas only. For operation of gas valve, a pilot-generator combination producing 750 millivolts is used. The system includes all necessary piping, connectors, regulators, and valves for operation. All parts are UL approved.

3.5 The buggy is equipped with a manual operated agitator supported at top and bottom of vat.

3.6 A standard 1-1/2″ drip free gate valve are located on each side of vat. Two ducts divert heat flow from heating chamber to heat valves. Valves are controlled by pivot bars located near the push bar.

4.0 Fittings: The unit includes all necessary piping, connectors, regulators, valves, and other fittings for operation. All components meet or exceed standard specifications.

4.1 Paint: Manufacturer’s standard color is Federal Yellow except for glass, rubber and metallic accessories of fixtures constructed of rust resistant or plated material not normally painted. All items hot to the touch are painted red, marked “HOT” or enclosed.

4.2 Manuals: A detailed manual containing illustrated parts list, operating and service instructions for the unit shall be delivered with each unit.

4.3 Warranty: Downing Mfg. Inc., will at its option, replace or repair without charge any system component or components found to be defective in workmanship and/or material during the first year after shipment.

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