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Alpine Epoxy Adhesive Part B (1gal)

Item #: EAS1B-212K2001L

Price: $99.50

Product Description

Alpine Products Epoxy Adhesive Part B 

Part B of a two-part epoxy system for the bonding of traffic markers and indicators, as well as safety posts. Excellent for bonding wood to concrete, steel to concrete, concrete to concrete and asphalt (wheel stops). Customers also report good results when bonding fiberglass or ABS to a variety of surfaces as well as an abrasion resistant coating for metal bottoms of riverboats.



  • Part A – White
  • Part B – Black
  • Mixed – Gray

Work or Pot Life:

  • Approximately 7-10 minutes at 70 degrees F. (Based on a 1lb batch)

Cure Characteristics (Based on 40mil film):

  • Firm Set Time @ 70 F 2 hours
  • Firm Set Time @ 50 F 4 hours
  • Hard Set Time @ 70 F 4 hours
  • Full Cure @ 70 F 24 hours

Recommended Application Temperature Range: 

  • 50 F to 105 F.

Recommended Bond Temperature Range: 

  • -20 F to 160 F.

Weight (Applies to both Part A and Part B):

  • 1 Gallon – 10lbs
  • 5 Gallon – 50lbs

Shelf Life:

  • Guaranteed one year when stored in sealed containers at temperatures between 50-90 F.
  • Part A subject to crystallization when stored in intermittent cool temperatures for prolonged periods.

Clean Up:

  • Uncured epoxy mixes can be dissolved with MEK, Toluene or Xylene. Cured epoxy is very difficult to remove, but extended soaking (days) in MEK will soften most cured epoxy. Keep material and solvent off skin with protective gloves.

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