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24″x24″ STOP/SLOW Paddle Complete with Sign and Handle


Price: $79.50

Product Description

24″x24″ STOP/SLOW Paddle Complete with Sign and Handle

  • MUTCD Sign Designation – WSDOT R1-1 + W20-8
  • MUTCD Compliant (R1-1 + W20-8)

The Stop/Slow Handheld Paddle Sign features a 24″ octagonal sign with STOP on one side and SLOW on the other side. This sign complies with the 2009 MUTCD which specifies in Section 6E.03 that stop/slow paddles shall have letters at least 6 inches high. The stop face shall have white letters and a white border on a red background. The slow face shall have black letters and a black border on an orange background. When used at night the paddle shall be retro-reflectorized. The smooth finish round orange handle not only stands out but allows for easily adding an extension handle to make holding the sign easier to hold for long periods of time.


  • 6ft from bottom of the sign to the end of the handle
  • 79″ total length of actual orange handle
  • 0.080 mil thick aluminum sign
  • Double sided with STOP on one side, SLOW on other side
  • Assembled, staff broken down for easier transportation
  • Handle pieces simply lock into place

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