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TRPM Chip Seal Marker

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Product Description

Flexible road markers TRPMs are the smart choice for three reasons; time, money and lives. In an era of tight budgets, TRPMs provide an opportunity for enormous cost savings. TRPMs provide effective guidance in work zones, day and night. Holding the original lane location eliminates costly, time consuming respotting. Placed prior to the chip seal, the TRPM’s protective cover is easily removed after sealing, exposing a bright surface which delineates lanes for motorist day and night, even under wet and foggy weather conditions. Choose from our Work Zone Grade for standard chip seal and slurry seals, or our High Heat Grade. The High Heat Grade TRPM is the correct choice on seals which utilize rubberized asphalts, which are applied at temperatures in excess of 325 degress Farhenheit. Start saving money today by using TRPMs for all your chip seal projects. Self-Adhesive TRPMs Take Only Seconds To Install! Quick, easy placement reduces the time that your crew is exposed to traffic. TRPMs can be installed in just seconds by one worker with no equipment, providing high profile delineation on freshly sealed roads prior to permanent striping. Our unique adhesive system keeps the flexible TRPM securely in place. When the roadway is ready, TRPMs precisely guide the crews who are responsible for installatin of permanent striping. TRPMs are the smart choice for all of your chip and slurry seal projects.

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