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HW8Y2 Yellow and HW8W1 White

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Product Description

Theses paints meet the Washington State specification for Instant Dry Highway Marking Paint. 

These are extremely fast drying paints, less than 60 seconds dry to no-pick up and designed for no heat application. They may be applied by air or airless equipment withouth the need for coning and with a minimum of traffic control. 


1. Coverage:93 sq ft. per gallon @ 15 mils wet film thickness, yields 8-10 mils dry film. 

2. Reflective glass media: Type A drop on beads at 6-8 lbs/gallon dispensed with pressurized bead gun system.

3. Storage stability: 6 months with a viscosity increase of less than 10 KU (krebs Units) measure of viscosity at a temperature of 50 degrees F and above. 

4. Minimum application: Should not be applied below 50 degrees F. 


1. ASTM D562: Viscosity (in krebs units): 
A. At 70 degrees F – 70-75 KU 
B. At 50 degrees F – 86 KU max. 
C. At 122 degrees F – 66 Ku min. 

2. ASTM D1475: Weight per gallon at 70 degrees F: 
White – 12.00 lbs min. 
Yellow – 12.00 lbs min. 

3. ASTM D2805: Contrast ratio at spread rate of 320 sq ft per gallon: 
White – .92 min % of complete hiding over black and white. 
Yellow – .92 min % of complete hiding over black and white 

4. ASTM E1347 Daylight reflectance (at 10 mils wet film thickness) 
White – 86 min of 100% standard 
Yellow – 64 min of 100% standard 

5. ASTM D1644 Non-volatile content 65% – 68% solids. Measure of binder plus pigments weight total. 

6. ASTM D2371 Pigment content of total weight: 
53% measure of dry ingredients 

7. ASTM D1210 Dispersion, Hegman standard gauge: 2 min fineness 

8. ASTM D522 Flexibility: Pass 1/2 in mandrel bend of paint film cast on a test panel. 

9. Dry to no-pick-up (beaded): 15-35 seconds based on a road cry test. 

10. ASTM D969 & D868 Bleeding over asphalt: 90% min brightness maintained. 

The material shall not show evidence of heavy caking or settling which requires mechanical means to return the product to useable condition for a period of one year from the date of manufacture or date first shipped. These paints do not form a dried surface layer or skin. They re-dissolve in their own solvents preventing a thick build up in drums or on tank walls. 


These paints are available in 50 gallon steel drums, 5 gallon pails, and 340 portable tanks.

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