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FG 300 Curb System

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The Danger at Railroad Crossings 

In the US in 1999, almost 400 people were killed and over 1,000 seriously injured in 3,420 highway-rail grade crossing collisions. Nearly half of all vehicle/train collisions occur at crossings with active warning devices (gates, lights, bells). Innovative traffic control devices that address the need for greater safety at these crossings in your community are required. 

FG 300 Curb System 

Provides an economical median barrier system for restricting motorists from driving around lowered crossing arms at railroad crossings. Median barriers have been shown to reduce gate violations at at-grade, high-speed rail crossings. A typical installation of the FG 300 Curb System can be done in a matter of hours, providing durable safety in a cost-effective manner. 
The FG 300 Curb System has many other applications for directing traffic and is quick and easy to install. 

Thru-Lane Protection 

Lane separation at merging freeway intersections, gores and off-ramps often can be made safer by quiding drivers to the proper lane location through the use of our curb system, preventing hazardous backups and keeping traffic moving at the proper speeds. 

Freeway Median Separator 

Use our curb system to create a quick and inexpensive median wherever it is needed in only a matter of hours. Turn lanes, toll booths, bridge and tunnel approaches are typical freeway applications of our curb system. 

Work Zone Installations 

Expensive asphalt curbs in work zones can be replaced with reusable FG 300 Curb System, providing great delineation and cost-savings. High hazard areas such as gores and on-ramps can be made safer through the limited use of the curb system in 2-lane, 2-way operations. 


Our Curb system encourages the proper turning behavior in motorists, keeping traffic moving through complicated round-a-bouts. 

Bicycle & Pedestrian Lanes 

A physical separation of traffic and bikes or pedestrians can provide the kind of safety your community desires. The FG 300 Curb can help achieve this in a cost effective manner. This system can be installed in a straight line or can conform to a curved alignment. The cost for this very effective median seperator is substantially less than other systems. Used with the high performance FG 300 Model UR post, it is an extremely durable and highly visible barrier system. 

Mountable by Emergency Vehicles 

Emergency vehicles can readily cross over the FG 300 Curb System. The low profile of our system is less disruptive to public safety professionals who must over the Curb in an emergency. The low profile also provides less of a hazard to motorcycles and errant vehicles who impact the curb by accident. 

Unmatched Visibility 

The Fg 300 Curb System is designed to provide a much more effective visual, psychological and physical barrier than other median seperation systems. When used with a post every 3 feet, the FG 300 creates a visiually striking “picket fence” effect that clearly provides quidance to drivers of proper lane location. When used with strips of reflective tape, our posts shine at night, visible from hundreds of feet away. Optional built-in curb corner delineators add to the brightness of the curb system at night. 

Lowest Maintenance 

Our Curb System is an optimal blend of durability, color conspicuity, reflectivity and low maintenance. The tough, flexible polyurethane plastic used in our FG 300 Model UR delineator post provides the greatest rebound of any flexible polymer. This allows our posts to be struck repeatedly and rebound to an upright position. The unique clover leaf design of the post creates a tremendous amount of potential energy when bent over and compressed, resulting in a strong rebound to the vertical. The Curb and Base components are made of high impact polymers that provide good UV stability, and are designed to withstand significant abuse in typical roadway applications. Their solid color throughout requires no painting, reducing maintenance costs.

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